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Another battle at Kruger

leopards battle

Not far after entering the Kruger National Park, a tourist couple recently came upon a very unusual ‘battle at Kruger’: a leopard was stalking a three-meter long python. The leopard planned its attack for several minutes and then bit the huge reptile in its thick neck, just behind the head. After a few minutes of ... Read more...

World Rhino Day 22.Sep

stop rhino poaching

Today is World Rhino Day, a day when we ask everyone to be aware of the facts and figures regarding rhino poaching. The rhino has existed on earth for over 50 million years. As mega-grazers, they have a critical impact on the ecosystem by clearing vegetation, maintaining grasslands, reducing fire hazards, fertilizing soil and dispersing ... Read more...

Unusual sighting with ‘Battle at Kruger’ guide

Rhino midden

We like to book our guests for a game drive in the Kruger National Park with Frank Watts, guide of the ‘Battle at Kruger’ YouTube video (with almost 68 million views!). Of course Frank cannot control ‘Mother Nature’ but with his knowledge and experience he can often ad something special to a safari in our ... Read more...

Dreamfields guests support anti poaching

Impala with snare

Of course we all support the anti poaching of our beloved wild animals. But our guests paid a special contribution to the anti poaching. On their drive in the Kruger National Park, they reported the sighting of an impala with a huge lump and a snare around his neck to members of the anti poaching unit ... Read more...


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