World Rhino Day 22.Sep

stop rhino poachingToday is World Rhino Day, a day when we ask everyone to be aware of the facts and figures regarding rhino poaching.

The rhino has existed on earth for over 50 million years. As mega-grazers, they have a critical impact on the ecosystem by clearing vegetation, maintaining grasslands, reducing fire hazards, fertilizing soil and dispersing and germinating seeds.
A mature rhino has no natural predator, except for humans………….

In 2011 over 450 rhinos were killed in South Africa and this year in August the Department of Environment Affairs states that already 312 rhinos are poached. This makes South Africa the poaching epicenter of the world.

Most rhinos are killed for their horns which are made of keratin (like your hair and nails) and are used in traditional Chinese medicine believed to cure fevers, headaches, skin diseases, heart and liver trouble and a lot of people still think that the horn is a kind of aphrodisiac.
You won’t be surprised that most experts question these old traditions and their effectiveness …….

In 1975, the first international ban on the commercial trade in rhino products was enacted, but today there are still some countries which allow the trade of rhino products and trophy hunting.
Most horns leave South Africa for China and Vietnam, the biggest markets for rhino products.

More and more people and organizations realize that this magnificent and pre-historical mammal needs our protection against humans. Funds are raised to train rhino reserve managers, train and equip rangers and anti-poaching patrols and to make the whole world become aware of what is happening with the rhino in South Africa (amongst others).

Dreamfields Guesthouse would appreciate your thoughts for the rhinos on World Rhino Day, but would even be more happy if you visit and add your voice and donate funding.

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