Dreamfields Guest House believes to only state the facts, so let’s start there. A Barn Owls’ usual length can range from 30 – 40cm with a wingspan of 100 – 125 cm. Depending on the gender, they weigh from 260 g – 470g, and although this is a medium-sized bird, keep in mind ♂ are generally a bit larger than ♀. The upperparts (top of the wings, back, and tail) are tawny-brown and pale grey, with white spots, while the underparts are whitish/pale colour with fine brown spots. Having long-rounded wings with feather-structure which promotes silent flight combined with the short squarish tail allows the owl a buoyant, loping flight style when searching for small rodents and birds, as well as insects, lizards, and sometimes frogs.

Owls are Barn Owl - Dreamfields Guest Housewidely found around the world and people have mixed interpretations of the bird. Some people associate the sightings of an owl with wisdom and brings forth (more commonly white owls) good omen such as luck and wealth. Whereas some tribes in north-eastern India, the Kikuyu of Kenya believe that owls were harbingers of death, while the Swahili people of East Africa believe owls bring illness to children, and the Zulu people of South Africa know the owl as the witchdoctors’ bird. Also said to be an old wife’s tale brings forth associations of bad omen, suspicions of when an owl sits on the roof and calls out, there will be a death in the family.

Now whether or not you believe in these tales, we will leave that up to you. As for us, Dreamfields Guest House welcomes the sighting of the Barn Owls.