The vocalisation of this bird is quite amusing and easily recognised with a loud Whoop given by one and answered immediately by a dudu from the second, also written as a “too-puddly too-puddly too-puddly”… A Black-collared Barbet measure between 19 – 20 cm in length and weighs in about 48 – 58 g.

One should definitely spend a few moments to observe these birds’ interactions as its quite interesting, after sitting and watching them long enough one can sometimes create imaginary conversations for them as some display quite a character.

The Black-collared barbet is mostly solitary or in pairs foraging a variety of fruits (especially figs as a little birdy told me) and vegetables so it is quite common to find them in Dreamfields Guest House’s garden or at plantations such as the ones local around Hazyview. Maybe when you come to stay at Dreamfields Guest House query about the local farms of Hazyview, or if you weren’t planning on it then it is suggested that you do. They do also hunt for insects – sometimes even scorpions and centipedes and may also feed on lizards, frogs and geckos. As you can imagine you will find those in Dreamfields Guest House’s garden too.

Until next time, be safe.