Once an accommodation establishment opens its doors to the public, it is of utmost importance to strive for excellence in every aspect of the business. Solely through meeting and exceeding the expectations of guests which leaves an everlasting positive impact on their lives. Sleeping out is not just a bed to rest in away from home, it is a growth experience, part of the adventure and forms part of the memory being made.

How does one achieve such greatness?

As studies have shown time and time again, it is a natural instinct to express oneself in the events of positive and negative occasions and social media has made it very convenient for one to do so.

When guests check in to an establishment, one usually has only seconds to make good first impressions and it would be wise to build on that until the very last farewell. If this is accomplished, then the result is usually that of a good review.

Reviews are used on the various different platforms to better reflect the standards and quality of the establishment as they are based on consumers’ past experiences making it a referential information source.

The reviews written for Dreamfields Guest House by past guests, provides Dreamfields Guest House with the credibility which it strives for and therefore Dreamfields would like to reciprocate the gratitude and thank all our past guests for their wonderful reviews which played an integral part in Dreamfields Guest House being awarded a 9.4 rating.

Until next time.