Isn’t it incredible to be sitting in comfort and silence out on a large spacious veranda in an ever-green natural setting?

The Wood Owl is at home in such an environment as they are recorded to be sighted in ever-green well-treed gardens such as the one Dreamfields Guest House has. Since the African Wool Owl is monogamous and each pair occupies a territory, they have obviously decided that our garden is their ideal place of residency and we couldn’t be more pleased with that. These birds of prey measure 30 – 36 cm in height with a wingspan of 78.8cm and weighs approximately 250 g – 340 g.

I remember on one later afternoon occasion when I stopped by Dreamfields Guest House, whilst having a conversation with the general manager Philip, our residential wood owl graced us with its’ presence by swooping in onto a nearby branch of one of the trees in the driveway. It must be said that our residential birds are all wild and freely choose to live within or near Dreamfields as it provides them with a safe and ideal environment.

Please feel encouraged to come to take advantage of Dreamfields’ tranquil surroundings and see our abundant species of birdlife which flies through and resides here. I know many guests would be able to tell you of their sightings of this incredible bird both day and night.

We are not only grateful to be able to sit and view the wood owl but also for the fact that they are our reliable pest control as well, only feeding on frogs, small snakes, birds, and mammals as well as insects.

If birdlife tweaks your interest and you are interested in seeing more then the Kruger National Park would be the perfect place to carry on your search.

If you would like to take it a step further and interact with the birds of prey, you are able to do at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre situated in Hoedspruit which Philip is more than happy to arrange for you.

Until next time.